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Illegal discrimination occurs when an employer makes an adverse employment decision based on characteristics protected by law, such as age, race and gender, just to name a few. Adverse employment decisions include things like being denied a job, being transferred for a promotion, being denied a raise or a bonus, and being fired. We work with employers and employees to prevent and remedy discrimination in the workplace.

What do anti-discrimination laws cover?

In accordance with federal, New York, New York City and / or New Jersey laws, discrimination in employment based on any of the following is illegal:

• Years
• Race or skin color.
• Gender, gender identity and transgender status
• Sexual orientation
• Religion
• National origin

•    Pregnancy
•    Military service
•    Genetic information
•    Caregiver status (for example, being a parent
•   Disability

While it is completely legal to show favoritism towards one person over another, it is illegal to discriminate against someone for any of the above categories. In other words, an employer may pay employees different salaries or promote one and not the other, provided that this decision is not based on any of the above characteristics, but rather on the particular skills or talents of the chosen employee.

What constitutes discrimination

If you are being discriminated against in any of the following ways, our lawyers are here to defend your rights.

  • Not be hired although highly qualified for the job

  • Being unfairly disciplined, abused or harassed

  • Be unfairly terminated

  • Be paid less than others doing the same job.

  • Not receive equal training opportunities or work assignments

  • Not having promotion or promotion opportunities.

  • Be segregated from other employees.

Discrimination is not always easy to prove. That's why you need our specialized employment lawyers to fight for you. 

Differences between discrimination and harassment?


A company is discriminating if it makes employment-related decisions based on an employee characteristic protected by law, or if it has a neutral policy that has an unequal or unequal impact on those protected by law. An obvious example would be a company that refuses to hire or promote a person because they are Muslim or because they have a disability.


Harassment may consist of insults, insults, teasing, inappropriate jokes, display of offensive images or hate symbols. In many cases, an employee is harassed and discriminated against. Any of the behavior patterns makes the workplace toxic, and not just for the affected part. It is appropriate to speak if there is harassment in the workplace, even if you are not your target: for example, if you hear racist jokes and are white.

La discriminación en el lugar de trabajo es ilegal

If you have been discriminated against in New York or New Jersey, you should contact our offices as soon as possible. We have experience in all aspects of anti-discrimination laws, including:

  • Title VII of the Civil Rights Law.

  • New York State Human Rights Law

  • New York City Human Rights Law

  • The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination

  • Americans with Disabilities Act

  • Age Discrimination Law

  • Law of equal pay

  • Family Medical License Law

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